AAAI-2000 Workshop on

Constraints and AI Planning

Austin Convention Center, Austin, Texas, USA, July 30, 2000



8.15 Opening

    by Alexander Nareyek


8.30 Invited Talk

    Chair:   Alexander Nareyek

    «OR Counterparts to AI Planning»   by Robert Fourer


9.25 Technical Session

    Chair:   Austin Tate

    «MACBeth: A Multi-Agent Constraint-Based Planner»   by Robert P. Goldman, Karen Z. Haigh, David J. Musliner and Michael Pelican

    «Open World Planning as SCSP»   by Alexander Nareyek


10.25 Poster Announcements

    «Reactive Workshop Guide Tool System Structure»   by Sueli Ferreira da Cunha

    «Contingent Planning in Partially Observable Stochastic Domains via Stochastic Satisfiability»   by Stephen M. Majercik and Michael L. Littman


10.30 Coffee Break (with Poster Session)


11.00 Panel Discussion: Different Frameworks for the Use of Constraints

    Chair:   Eugene C. Freuder

    Panelists:   Robert Fourer, Enrico Giunchiglia, Robert P. Goldman, Alexander Nareyek and Jussi Rintanen


12.00 Technical Session

    Chair:   Jussi Rintanen

    «Selecting Task Decompositions for Constrained Heuristic Search»   by Elise H. Turner and Roy M. Turner


12.30 Lunch


14.00 Technical Session

    Chair:   Nicola Muscettola

    «The Hybrid Planning-Scheduling System in CIRCA-II»   by Ella M. Atkins


14.30 Invited Talk

    Chair:   Richard J. Wallace

    «Interplanetary Constraint Modeling: Experiences from NASA's Deep Space 1 Planner»   by Kanna Rajan


15.30 Coffee Break


16.00 Technical Session

    Chair:   Nicola Muscettola

    «Building dispatchable networks involving consumable resources within the HSTS framework»   by Richard J. Wallace and Eugene C. Freuder


16.30 Panel Discussion: Future Directions

    Chair:   Alexander Nareyek

    Panelists include:   Brian Drabble, Eugene C. Freuder, Malik Ghallab, Nicola Muscettola and Austin Tate


17.30 End of Workshop


Papers without Presentation:

    «Heuristics for HTN Planning As Satisfiability»   by Amol D. Mali

    «On the Path from Classical Planning to Arithmetic Constraint Satisfaction»   by Éric Jacopin and Jacques Penon


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9th of August, 2000 by Alexander Nareyek