AI Interface Standards: The Road Ahead
A Roundtable Discussion of the 2003 Game Developers Conference

Moderated by Alexander Nareyek, Nick Porcino and Mark Kolenski

San Carlos II, Hilton, San Jose, CA, USA
March 8, 2003, 9-11:30am



Following a roundtable on AI interface standardization at last GDC, a committee has been set up to establish such standards. The committee is part of the International Game Developers Association and involves over 65 game AI developers, academics, middleware representatives and other relevant experts.
Alexander Nareyek, chairperson of the committee, and Nick Porcino and Mark Kolenski, members of the steering committee, will present the motivation and goals of the committee and - most importantly - describe and discuss the state of the committee's work. Working groups are currently in place for the topics of pathfinding, steering, decision trees, finite state machines, rule-based systems, goal-oriented action planning and world interfacing.
The roundtable offers an exclusive opportunity to hear about the latest standards directions and to influence the future directions yourself by giving your feedback to the committee.
Let's push game AI development to the next level!



About 45 participants attended the roundtable (not all attended both sessions).
The slides and discussion comments are available as PowerPoint file.
For those who do not have PowerPoint, we also have an HTML version (thanks to Amalaye Oyake for the conversion!)



AI Interface Standards Committee
International Game Developers Association
Report on last year's roundtable


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