IJCAI-01 Workshop on

Planning with Resources

Washington State Convention & Trade Center, Seattle, WA, USA, August 4, 2001



9.00 Opening


9.10 Invited Talk

    «Algorithms for Propagating Resource Constraints in AI Planning and Scheduling: Existing Approaches and New Results»   by Philippe Laborie


10.10 Technical Session

    «Planning with Resources at Multiple Levels of Abstraction»   by Bradley J. Clement, Anthony C. Barrett, Edmund H. Durfee and Gregg R. Rabideau


10.35 Coffee Break


11.00 Panel Discussion: Different Approaches for Planning with Resources
  Chair:   Amedeo Cesta
  Panelists:   Thomas Dean, Robert P. Goldman, Patrik Haslum, Jana Koehler and Alexander Nareyek


12.00 Technical Session

    «Integrating Planning and Scheduling through Intensity Adaptation»   by Karen L. Myers, Stephen F. Smith, David W. Hildum, Peter A. Jarvis and Raymond de Lacaze


12.25 Lunch


14.00 Technical Session

    «Practical State Probability Approximation for a Resource-Limited Real-Time Agent»   by Haksun Li, Ella Atkins, Edmund H. Durfee and Kang Shin

    «A Framework for Multi-Criteria Plan Evaluation in Heuristic State-Space Planning»   by Ioannis Refanidis and Ioannis Vlahavas

    «Heuristic Planning with Time and Resources»   by Patrik Haslum and Héctor Geffner

    «Planning for dispatchable execution with resource constraints: An update»   by Richard J. Wallace


15.40 Coffee Break


16.00 Technical Session

    «A Formal Model for Planning with Time and Resources in Concurrent Domains»   by Michael Brenner

    «Quality-based Learning for Planning»   by Daniel Borrajo, Sira Vegas and Manuela Veloso

    «Loosely Coupled Architecture for Integrating Planning and Scheduling Systems»   by Minh B. Do, Subbarao Kambhampati and Biplav Srivastava


17.15 Panel Discussion: Future Directions
  Chair:   Alexander Nareyek
  Panelists:   Mark Boddy, Brian Drabble and Russell Knight


18.15 End of Workshop


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