For a relevant impact, the long-term vision of research and the hands-on experience of industry need to be combined, in dialogue as well as real action. We strongly believe in this, and are actively promoting industry involvement in our work.

There is a number of ways how you and your company can get involved. The simplest one is our Industry Affiliates Program below, but it certainly doesn't end there. Whether you have internships for students available, want to go ahead with a joint prototype project, or are interested in more extensive forms of cooperation - we are happy to hear from you and have a chat about potential options!

Industry Affiliates Program

Members of the industry, government or press can register (no costs involved) for our Industry Affiliates Program, which is soon to be launched. You will receive updates about our research and potential application areas, and will be invited to regular meetings discussing the state of the industry and specific industry problems and solutions, featuring various formats like talks, panel discussions, brainstorming sessions and roundtables.