Reference: nareyek-04-gameai

Reference Nareyek, A. 2004.
Artificial Intelligence in Computer Games - State of the Art and Future Directions.
ACM Queue 1(10), 58-65.

If you follow the game development scene, you have probably heard many phrases like "The main role of graphics in computer games will soon be over; artificial intelligence is the next big thing!" over the last years, and while you should hardly buy into such statements, there is some truth in them. The quality of artificial intelligence (AI) is a high-ranking feature for game fans' purchase decisions, and an area of incredible potential to increase the players' immersion and fun.

However, if you have taken some classes on AI in university, it is likely that you paint yourself a very misleading picture of the AI methods used in games. It has hardly anything to do with what is called artificial intelligence in academia. After a brief discussion of the role of AI in game development, I will give you an overview of the current state of the art, discuss the future of this game development area, and provide some links to further information.

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