ECAI-2000 Workshop on

Local Search for Planning & Scheduling

Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, August 21, 2000



9.00 Opening

    by Alexander Nareyek


9.15 Invited Talk

    «Meta-Heuristics: State of the Art»   by Stefan Voß


10.15 Technical Session

    «Solving the Sports League Scheduling Problem with Tabu Search»   by Jean-Philippe Hamiez and Jin-Kao Hao


10.40 Coffee Break


11.00 Technical Session

    «Problem Difficulty and Fitness Landscapes of Structured and Random Job-Shop Problems: What Do Existing Analysis Techniques Really Tell Us?»   by Jean-Paul Watson

    «Iterative Flattening: A Scalable Method for Solving Multi-Capacity Scheduling Problems»   by Amedeo Cesta, Angelo Oddi and Stephen F. Smith


11.50 Roundtable Discussion: Which Search Techniques and Neighborhoods are Useful for Planning & Scheduling?

    Moderators:   Bruno De Backer and Stefan Voß

    Initial Statements:   Amedeo Cesta and Jean-Paul Watson


12.50 Lunch


13.50 Technical Session

    «Incremental local search for planning problems»   by Eva Onaindia, Laura Sebastia and Eliseo Marzal

    «An Empirical Analysis of Local Search in Stochastic Optimization for Planner Strategy Selection»   by Barbara Engelhardt and Steve Chien

    «An Empirical Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Local Search for Replanning»   by Steve Chien, Russell Knight and Gregg Rabideau


15.05 Coffee Break


15.30 Technical Session

    «Board-laying Techniques Improve Local Search in Mixed Planning and Scheduling»   by Russell Knight, Gregg Rabideau and Steve Chien


15.55 Roundtable Discussion: Integration of Planning and Scheduling

    Moderators:   Ari K. Jonsson and Angelo Oddi

    Initial Statements:   Alexander Nareyek and Kanna Rajan


17.00 End of Workshop


17.00-17.30 Demo: ILOG's New Products for Local Search


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